The Best Fuji Film Simulations For Filmmakers: Provia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Eterna & More

One of the greatest features that Fuji mirrorless cameras offer is built in film simulation. In this short post I’ll share a quick comparison of each of the 12 Fuji film looks, along with my recommended setting for filmmakers.

Most filmmakers shooting with the X-T4 will opt to shoot in F-Log to maximize latitude and give themselves the most flexibility in post. But there are scenarios where you might benefit from shooting with a look baked in. For instance, if you’re working on a project with a very quick turnaround and no dedicated colorist. In a case like this, nailing the look in camera is essential.

Thankfully, due to the high bitrate capabilities of the X-T4, even the non-log footage is quite easy to grade and adjust in post. There is some minor dynamic range loss on a technical level (compared to F-Log), but the difference is by no means night and day once you take it into DaVinci Resolve.

I recently shot a feature film on the Fuji X-T4, mainly using F-Log to record. But on one shoot day, I mistakenly recorded everything using Provia, and I had no issues at all working with that footage in post, or matching it to the F-Log. If anything, it just sped up my workflow a touch.

Fuji Film Simulation Modes

Below is a list of each of the included film simulation modes on the Fuji X-T4:

  • Provia / Standard
  • Velvia / Vivid
  • Astia / Soft
  • Classic Chrome
  • Pro Neg Hi
  • Pro Neg Standard
  • Classic Neg
  • Eterna Cinema
  • Eterna Bleach Bypass
  • Acros
  • Monochrome
  • Sepia

Fuji Film Simulation Mode Comparison

I just put together a short video, along with some stills of a single shot that was captured with each of the 12 modes.

This shot was taken on my Fuji X-T4, locked off on a tripod and shooting through the window in my studio at golden hour. It’s not a scientific test, but I thought the background offered a good high contrast look with complimentary colors to test out each color profile.

Below are frame grabs from each of the 12 shots so you can view them in full resolution:

My Favorite Fuji Film Simulation: Provia / Standard

While many of the Fuji film simulation modes could work well for filmmakers, the one that I always come back to is Provia / Standard.

I’ve outlined my thoughts on this in more depth in my full Fuji X-T4 review here. But in short, Provia gives me the best balance of Fuji’s incredible film-like color tones, without over stylizing the image.

There are many scenarios where I might shoot in another mode. For instance, Velvia / Vivid is incredible for landscapes or other exterior shots. But the only Fuji film simulation I would feel confident using as a daily driver is Provia.

Some of the other looks – namely Classic Chrome and Eterna Cinema have become fan favorites with filmmakers and photographers alike.

But I’ve never found either to be a go-to option for my work. Classic Chrome feels too stylized for most projects, and Eterna needs a lot of work in post to feel less drab. If I’m going to spend time grading the footage, I’ll just shoot F-Log.

Free Fuji LUT

After shooting an entire feature film on the Fuji X-T4, I decided to create my own custom conversion LUT. This is now available for free download at

This LUT is designed to convert F-Log footage to Rec 709 on any of the following Fuji cameras:

  • Fuji X-T5
  • Fuji X-T4
  • Fuji X-T3
  • Fuji X-S10
  • Fuji X-T30
  • Fuji X-Pro3
  • Fuji X-H1
  • Fuji X-H2
  • Fuji X-E4
  • Fuji X100V
  • Fuji GFX100
  • Fuji GFX100s

The LUT is based off of Fuji’s native F-Log – Rec 709 conversion LUT, but adds some additional tweaks to contrast, color balance, and saturation to improve overall performance.

Click here to download the free Cinecolor F-Log conversion LUT now.


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