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I’m an LA based filmmaker here to share my thoughts, experience, and perspective on all things film with you. I have worked in the film and television industry in many different capacities over the years, but primarily as a director, cinematographer and colorist. I got my start by writing and directing my own short film content which led me to work on music videos, advertising campaigns, and eventually feature film work. My approach to filmmaking has always been quite hands on given my background in cinematography and post-production, which has led me to DP and edit many of my own projects.

While I continually develop my own passion projects, I also spend much of my time assisting other filmmakers in the creation of their films. Through my production company, Creative Rebellion, I have been fortunate to have taken part in the completion of innumerable feature films, shorts, broadcast content, and commercials. At the moment my time is split between my next feature film, my company, and of course this blog!

What excites me most about filmmaking today is that we as filmmakers have the ability to create exceptionally high quality content without the need for huge budgets – simply by harnessing the power of the tools we have at hand, and gaining the knowledge we need to make the most of them. Great films at their core are simply great stories, no matter how large or small their budgets are. With today’s tools and resources at our fingertips, the potential for telling moving stories is limitless.

With this blog my mission is to share fundamental storytelling techniques that go far beyond the relevance of any single piece of equipment, whether it be in the areas of story, direction, cinematography or otherwise. I also focus heavily on the bleeding edge of the technical side of our industry, sharing knowledge on the latest cameras, editing software, and other tools that compliment the independent filmmaking spirit of today. The tools that I am most drawn to and will focus primarily on in this blog are those that are innovative, professional, liberating, but that also stay out of the way of the creative process. I believe great independent films are made when there is a harmonious balance between fundamental, classical storytelling techniques and technical knowledge and ability. With the right balance of both of these cornerstones, filmmakers today can create works of art that in many cases rival even the biggest studio films.

This blog is geared towards filmmakers and other video based content creators that want to become better all-around storytellers, which is why on this site you will find a healthy mix of storytelling techniques, creative insight, and plenty of info/reviews on cameras and gear.

This site has grown substantially since its initial launch, with millions of visitors to date. I am thrilled that it has become such a burgeoning resource for filmmakers, content creators, hobbyists, and creative other minds alike, and am excited to continue on this journey with so many of you.

Once again, thank you for visiting and I hope to see you back around here soon!

– Noam Kroll