PODCAST: Directing a $67,000 Micro-Budget Feature Film With Joe McClean

No two feature films are made the same way, and this sentiment is especially true of micro-budget productions which often come together under very unconventional circumstances. Director Joe McClean’s latest feature film – The Drama Club – is certainly no exception to this rule.

With a budget of only $67,000, Joe and his team pulled off development, production, post-produciton, and self-distribution in a true DIY fashion, and have an excellent feature film to show for it.

Over the course of this in-depth interview, Joe shares some tremendously valuable insight into each stage of his process. He outlines how he was able to raise the budget for his film himself, put together a dedicated cast and crew that were willing to embrace a project on this scale, his techniques for working efficiently on set and in post, and his experience with film festivals and eventual choice to self-distribute.

Take a listen to Episode 10: Directing a $67,000 Micro-Budget Feature Film With Joe McClean

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