Blockbuster. Arthouse. Classic. My Cinematic LUT: Genre Edition Packs Are Now Officially Available!

You asked for it, so here they are!

I am excited to announce that today I am releasing my new Cinematic LUT Pack: Genre Edition.

Last year I released my original pack of Cinematic LUTs after many readers of this site had been asking me to create some color grading tools, and I could not have been more blown away by the response. Thousands of you picked up my LUT packs and offered such tremendously positive feedback, and it’s truly been inspiring to see so many of you putting them to use on your films, commercials, and music videos.

Below is an excerpt from my original LUT announcement, detailing how and why these LUT packs were created:

My Cinematic LUTs have all been crafted around the same goal: To give filmmakers a means to improve their color quality dramatically while mitigating post-production time.

Unlike simple translation LUTs, which are typically designed to convert color spaces (for instance converting Log footage to Rec. 709), the LUTs that I have created are stylistic in nature. They are intended to be used as creative tools that will help filmmakers experiment with different color looks quickly and easily, giving them more freedom to work creatively and spontaneously in post.

These LUTs can be used with footage from virtually any camera. Whether you are grading RAW footage from a RED or Blackmagic camera, ProRes from an Alexa, H264 from a DSLR, or any other format for that matter – the Look Up Tables included in these 3 packs will work every time.

Many of the other LUT packs that are currently available online are far too extreme in nature, at least in my opinion. Some of these extreme LUTs will only work well on daylight shots, while others might only look good when applied to low-light footage. While those types of LUTs may be useful in some scenarios, they are far less universal than the ones that I have created, which are designed to be used with the widest variety of footage possible, while still delivering a distinct presence to the images.

Over the months I’ve had many requests to release additional LUTs, and as such I’ve developed the brand new Genre Edition pack, which draws inspiration from three distinctly different film genres.

Take a look at the demo video!

The full Genre Pack contains 36 LUTs that are organized into 3 individual packs of 12: Blockbuster, Art House, and Classic.

Below is a description of each:


Each of the stunning looks included in this pack have been designed to deliver the big budget aesthetic, all in their own unique way. Some looks combine cool, slightly lifted shadows with warm highlights for that staple Hollywood “teal and orange” look, while others employ unconventional color and contrast combinations to make an unmistakeable dramatic statement. Whether applied to your next thriller for that legendary blockbuster look, or used on a dramatic film to add an electrifying vibrancy to your scenes, these looks will deliver unprecedented results every time.



Inspired by the color palettes of some of the most beautiful international art films of all time, each look included in this pack is designed to add a touch of subtle beauty to each and every shot they touch. Several LUTs pair a warm color balance with unexpected contrast ratios for a gorgeous, romantic look. Others offer a more contemporary artistic expression by delivering subtle, organic colors that evoke a melancholic emotional undertone. Whichever look you choose to apply, you will undeniably discover the same artful intention behind each one.



These elegant looks have been carefully crafted to deliver the authentic color quality and balance of true motion picture film, and are bound to captivate your audience with their subtle tones. Each look will enhance skin tones, balance vivid colors, and add a slight contrast to your images, resulting in striking images that are truly unforgettable. With equal inspiration drawn from today’s current film stocks and those from years past, each timeless look embodies the essence of cinema in it’s more pure form.


Many similar LUT packs sell online for anywhere from $50 – $100 or more, but in the interest of allowing these LUTs to reach a wider audience I have priced them at only $36 per pack. Additionally, all three packs from the Genre Edition can be purchased together for a discounted rate of $89.

The packs themselves each come with 12 individual LUTs (or 36 LUTs if you purchase the full pack), all of which come as .cube files – the industry standard file type for LUT management.

In addition, you will receive a 4 page PDF with your purchase that will provide instructions for installing and applying your LUT files in various software programs, including: DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Photoshop.

To purchase the packs individually or together, you may do so using the links below. Happy coloring!


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Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!


  • Matthew

    I LOVE THESE. Any chance you could post the befores alongside the afters…?

    • Thanks so much Matthew! I am actually working on a new video to showcase my LUTs so stay tuned for that soon!


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