The Cinematic LUTs: Genre Edition Full Pack includes 36 powerful looks, covering an extremely wide array of color palettes. Each pack: Blockbuster, Art House, & Classic, contain 12 distinct LUTs that have been built from the ground up to universally work with footage from virtually any camera.


The LUTs included in your download package are all .cube files, which is the industry standard file type for LUT management. Along with the LUTs, you will also receive a 4 page PDF guide that will give you instructions for installing and using the LUTs with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Photoshop.


Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from each of the three packs:




Each of the stunning looks included in this pack have been designed to deliver the big budget aesthetic, all in their own unique way. Some looks combine cool, slightly lifted shadows with warm highlights for that staple Hollywood “teal and orange” look, while others employ unconventional color and contrast combinations to make an unmistakeable dramatic statement. Whether applied to your next thriller for that legendary blockbuster look, or used on a dramatic film to add an electrifying vibrancy to your scenes, these looks will deliver unprecedented results every time.




Inspired by the color palettes of some of the most beautiful International art films of all time, each look included in this pack is designed to add a touch of subtle beauty to each and every shot they touch. Several LUTs pair a warm color balance with unexpected contrast ratios for a gorgeous, romantic look. Others offer a more contemporary artistic expression by delivering subtle, organic colors that evoke a melancholic emotional undertone. Whichever look you choose to apply, you will undeniably discover the same artful intention behind each one.




These elegant looks have been carefully crafted to deliver the authentic color quality and balance of true motion picture film, and are bound to captivate your audience with their subtle tones. Each look will enhance skin tones, balance vivid colors, and add a slight contrast to your images, resulting in striking images that are truly unforgettable. With equal inspiration drawn from today’s current film stocks and those from years past, each timeless look embodies the essence of cinema in it’s more pure form.


Thank you for your interest in the Cinematic LUTs: Genre Pack!


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