The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera Is About To Be Announced And It Looks Amazing!

Earlier today I posted an article about the upcoming Blackmagic URSA Mini that will be announced tomorrow morning. I noticed the banner hanging at NAB this afternoon (presumably being set up for tomorrow’s Blackmagic Design press conference), and it was clear right away that the URSA Mini would be making a lot of heads turn tomorrow. That said, in the midst of the URSA Mini excitement, I almost missed another important banner at NAB showcasing Blackmagic’s new Micro Cinema Camera.

Tomorrow morning a whole list of specs will be announced, and I will be interviewing Blackmagic to ask them all about their latest news. All we currently know is that this camera is clearly designed for aerial work, gimbals, or specialty shots as the body itself is absolutely tiny. It has a Super 16mm sized sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range, which naturally leads me to wonder if it’s the same sensor from the current pocket camera. It also records RAW internally, which is absolutely amazing.

Here is a picture of the banner tweeted by Zak Forsman: 


For now, we’ll have to sit tight until the press conference to see what Blackmagic has up their sleeves. At minimum we know that the camera related announcements will include the URSA Mini, Micro Cinema Camera, and a new sensor for the URSA. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we see an update to the pocket camera, although I think that could be 50/50 at this point.

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