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When I first launched this blog, I never could have imagined how quickly it would grow and how many filmmakers that it would help every day. It’s been just over two years since my first post, and since then the site has changed and improved substantially, and I’m very happy to say that there are more readers and subscribers than ever.

So first and foremost – thanks to all of you that have been following along for the journey!

After getting so many great responses from you readers out there, I felt that it was time to step things up with the site by adding lots of new content, and delivering it far more often. Here’s what you can expect from in the very near future:

More Posts

I run this blog in addition to working as a freelance Director/DP and running a post-production business (Creative Rebellion), so up until now I’ve only been able to post new articles about once a week. That said, in addition to my one big article every week, I am going to be posting far more often with quick updates on camera/post-production news, videos and other exciting content. The goal is to provide content for you almost every day, so expect a lot more posts coming your way soon!

More Videos

As part of my effort to post more often to, I’m going to be creating and releasing far more video content. I’ve had some amazing responses to the few video reviews that I’ve done in the past, and after B & H recently began to loan out gear to me to review, I’ve decided to do more camera/gear reviews than ever before. I’ll also be posting quick cinematography and post production video tips whenever possible, as well as some video podcasts where I interview and chat with industry pros.

New Guides

In the summer, I released my DSLR cinema guide which was a massive hit. I can’t thank all of you enough for purchasing it and supporting this site, and it’s truly rewarding to hear all of the amazing feedback from those of you that have been utilizing it. I’ve had a lot of requests to do a follow up guide (which I will be announcing in the next few days), but all I can say for now is that more guides are on the way! And for those of you that haven’t already looked into the DSLR Cinema Guide, be sure to check it out here.


I am often asked by readers to critique their work, or to give them feedback on their video & film projects so that they can keep improving their craft. Starting now, I will be accepting submissions to critique your work on If you have a short film, commercial, art video or anything else that you want to share – be sure to submit it to I can only select a handful of videos to be critiqued each month on the site, so please know if yours isn’t chosen it is simply because the spots are very limited. Once I start receiving submissions I will choose a project for the first video critique (which will be done in director-commentary style), so the filmmaker can hear some honest feedback, and the readers of this site can see what was done right, and what might need improvement.

With all of this new content coming to the site, I want to make sure that all of the readers out there are able to stay up to date with everything as it’s made available… So If you haven’t already, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today! Here is the info:






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I’m really excited to start sharing more articles, reviews, insight, and content with all of you – and thank you so much for supporting this site! Feel free to leave comments with any article suggestions or topics that you would like to see covered in the future…

About Author

Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!


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