The Clean Film Grain Pack includes 3 authentic film grain files – Super 35mm, Super16mm, and Super 8mm – each of which were created using real scans of film stock!


The clean pack utilizes grain scans that were have been “cleaned” in post to remove any dirt, hair, or scratches. This results in perfectly neutral grain files that will add an authentic grain structure to your video clips, without introducing any other artifacts that may alter the look of your footage.


The files included in your download package are 4K Quicktime video clips encoded using high bitrate H264, ensuring compatibility across both Mac and PC platforms. They can be applied in virtually any editing, compositing, visual effects, or color grading software. Along with the video files, you will also receive a 2 page PDF guide that will give you instructions for using and customizing the film grain in your editing software.


Thank you for your purchase of the Clean Film Grain Pack!


Please note that due to the nature of this product, no returns can be accepted after purchase.


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