The Cinematic LUTs: Auteur Collection Full Pack includes 36 powerful looks, covering an extremely wide array of color palettes. Each pack: Hollywood, New Wave, & Avant Garde, contain 12 distinct LUTs that have been built from the ground up to universally work with footage from virtually any camera.


The LUTs included in your download package are all .cube files, which is the industry standard file type for LUT management. Along with the LUTs, you will also receive a 4 page PDF guide that will give you instructions for installing and using the LUTs with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, and Adobe Photoshop.


Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from each of the three packs:




The timeless looks included in this pack draw inspiration from the most stunning films to ever emerge from the Hollywood studio system. Several looks combine natural contrast with vibrant color palettes, calling back the early days of motion picture color film. Other looks simultaneously reduce shadow saturation and increase skintone vibrancy to create a more contemporary, understated mood synonymous with modern masterpieces. Whether you want to channel the unmistakeable feel of the golden age of Hollywood, the grit of the 1970’s blockbuster era, or the clean perfection of today’s greatest motion pictures, this pack will have you covered.




The French New Wave marked the re-invention of cinema as we know it, and this pack aims to call back the jaw-dropping looks made famous by the true renegade filmmakers that led this movement. From low contrast looks that are flattering even under the harshest sunlight, to high contrast looks with curved highlights for a softer rolloff, the unique combination of LUTs included in this set truly offer a tremendous amount of variety. An unmistakable energy, confidence, and subtlety is embedded into each look included in this pack.




Inspired by the most daring indie films that are renowned for pushing the boundaries of modern cinema, this pack delivers unmistakably chic color palettes that are a perfect match for any contemporary film project. Many of the ultra-modern LUTs included in this set combine crisp blacks and bright whites with subtly balanced color profiles for a muted aesthetic. Other looks included in this pack are more stylized and have roots in low contrast celluloid and bleach bypass film processing, providing endless opportunities for any filmmaker that lives on the bleeding edge.


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