PODCAST: Moving From PA To Producer In No Time: An Interview With Filmmaker Jens Jacob

No two filmmakers have the same story, or have broken into the industry in the same way. Filmmaker Jens Jacob is certainly no exception. After moving to Los Angeles with no industry contacts or resources whatsoever, he leveraged his unique abilities behind the camera, a strong business acumen, and invaluable soft skills to carve out a spot for himself in this industry.

By working hard, staying humble, and strategically building his network while also opening up multiple businesses of his own, Jens was able to move from PA to Producer and beyond in practically no time at all. Over the past few years, he has produced and directed a number of high profile projects including network airing pilots, the online smash hit Anomaly, and most recently a feature film titled The Heart Of Man, which will have it’s theatrical release this fall.

In this episode, Jens shares his wisdom, stories, and insight on all things filmmaking – including some poweful advice for filmmakers that aiming to build a lasting and lucrative career for themselves.

Take a listen to Episode 11: Moving From PA To Producer: An Interview With Filmmaker Jens Jacob

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You can view more of Jens’ work on his production company site here:, learn about his rental house here:, and check out his drone company here:

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Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!

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