Listen To My Interview On Indie Film Hustle About My Feature Film SHADOWS ON THE ROAD

I was recently interviewed by Alex Ferrari for his incredible filmmaking podcast Indie Film Hustle. Over the course of the interview, Alex asked me all about my experience making and releasing my feature film Shadows On The Road, which was made for $12,000 with a crew of 4.

We covered a lot of ground, discussed every phase of the process, and got into some of the intense challenges that arose along the way. It’s a great listen for anyone planning to make a micro-budget narrative film.

If you’d like to hear more about the process click here to listen to the full interview on Indie Film Hustle.

In the future, I plan to release an article all about my distribution strategy. I’ll outline exactly how the film was self-distributed, and how we utilized targeted social media ads to generate sales on multiple VOD platforms. More on that front soon, so stay tuned…

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Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!


  • Richard

    Really looking forward to seeing how you market and distribute your film Noam! I’m part of an indie group in Australia in the transition from our post-grad shorts to first (teeny tiny) indie features – very keen to hear how we can market our micro budget movies to reach an international audience! 🙂

    • Thanks Richard! I have a big post coming soon on this topic that should be helpful for you. Congrats on your features!!

  • Francis Ocon

    am so amazed by what you have achieved that it gives me a strong support and make me to believe in my abilities. your blogs have given me hope to pursue my dream and that is producing my own movies, thanks so much


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