I Just Released 100 New Color Grading LUTs For Your Entire Post Pipeline – Base Grades, Film Emulation, Creative Looks & More!

When I first began creating and releasing color grading LUTs to the public about 5 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined they would reach thousands of professional filmmakers and get put to use on everything from national commercials to theatrical feature films.

Initially, I just sold a handful of LUT packs here on, but as the demand increased I launched a dedicated website/platform to host all of my LUTs and other post-production tools: CINECOLOR.

Today marks yet another step in this evolution, as I am replacing my previous lineup of LUTs with a brand new set of 100 looks, designed to cover your entire post pipeline – from initial look building to final mastering.

These LUTs have been tirelessly engineered from the ground up to maximize technical and creative performance. I genuinely believe they are the best I have ever created, and like every other LUT I’ve released to date, they can be universally applied to footage from virtually every camera.

The 100 LUTs are conveniently themed into 10 brand new packs, which can be picked up individually or bundled together at a discount.

Below is a breakdown of the new lineup:


  • Primaries (10 x LUTs)
  • Mastering  (10 x LUTs)
  • Skin Enhance  (10 x LUTs)
  • Day For Night  (10 x LUTs)


  • Low-Con Film  (10 x LUTs)
  • Vivid Film  (10 x LUTs)
  • Monochrome Film  (10 x LUTs)


  • Dreamify  (10 x LUTs)
  • Hollywood Epic  (10 x LUTs)
  • Indie Darling  (10 x LUTs)

Learn more about the new LUTs or pick them up right now at This week only, they are on sale for up to 55% off.

Each of the above SINGLE PACKS will run $47, but for launch week only I am offering them at the old $36 pricing.

The brand new MASTERPACK IV contains all 100 LUTs (a $470 value), but for launch week only you can pick it up for just $207! That’s a savings of over 55%.

The ULTIMATE BUNDLE includes the entire set of 100 CINECOLOR LUTs + our full lineup of 6K film grain. This is a $567 value, but can be purchased this week only for just $267. That’s $300 off!

Click here to browse SINGLE PACKS.

Click here for the MASTER PACK IV.

Click here for the ULTIMATE BUNDLE.

All prices are marked down on the store, so you don’t need a discount code.

Be sure to pick yours up today while the discounts are active!

Below are direct links to each of the current packs, including the bundle options:

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Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!

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  • Henry Larry

    Your dedication to evolving and expanding your color grading LUTs is truly inspiring. The new set of 100 looks seems like a game changer covering the entire post production pipeline effectively. Cant wait to explore and apply these in my filmmaking journey.
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