Free “Blue-Tint Fix” LUT For Blackmagic Pocket 6K Camera Available Here

I recently shot a small project on Blackmagic’s wonderful 6K Pocket Camera, and will be sharing the results soon. While editing, I noticed a slight blue color shift/tint in the footage (presumably caused by the internal ND filters), and created a LUT to fix the issue.

The internal ND filters are a life-saver, and probably my favorite feature this camera has to offer. Like most NDs however, they not only affect the exposure of your image, but the color balance as well. 

I first noticed the blue tint on my footage after applying the standard 6K Pocket LUT (Film to Extended Video) in Davinci Resolve. I tried using the Gen 5 Film to Extended Video LUT as well, and although it created a nicer palette, the color shift was still there.

Thankfully, it is incredibly easy to correct the tint while grading, thanks to the range and flexibility of the 6K Pocket footage.

Rather than manually correct every shot in my timeline, I created a new LUT to rectify the ND tint issue and help me get to a neutral starting place faster.

The LUT is based on the current Gen 5 Film to Video BMD LUT, but I’ve made additional adjustments to eliminate the color shift. I’ve also added a touch more saturation, made some minor tweaks to contrast, and rolled off highlights and shadows slightly.

The LUT is not designed to stylize your image at all, just to neutralize your footage in preparation for the creative grade. You can read more about the order of operations for color grading here.

Below is an example of a shot before/after the LUT was applied –




Although the LUT is designed to be used with footage shot with the built in ND filters, you might also like how it applies to footage shot without ND filters too. Feel free to experiment it and work it into your pipeline however you see fit.

The Pocket 6K footage is a treat to work with while color grading (even when using ProRes), so once you’ve applied this LUT you should be able to move through your secondary corrections with ease.

Click to download the new 6K Pocket “Blue-Tint Fix” LUT for free.

Hope you all enjoy!

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  • Henry Larry

    Your approach with the custom LUT showcases both efficiency and finesse in prepping for the creative grading phase. Excited to learn more about your color correction journey.
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  • Pierre-Emeric Portier

    link is down 🙁 any possibility to get it back up ? thanks!


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