Check Out My Interview With ARRI About The Choice To Shoot My Latest Feature On Alexa Classic

I’m honored to be featured this week on ARRI’s website after being interviewed about my experience shooting on the Alexa Classic.

As I previously outlined in this article, I chose to break with convention on our micro-budget feature PSYCHOSYNTHESIS by shooting 4:3 on an Alexa Classic Plus that I purchased through ARRI’s CPO Program.

I’m really excited by what ARRI is doing with their CPO (pre-owned) cameras, as they are truly opening the door for lower budget filmmakers to achieve the highest quality results on set and in post. It wasn’t long ago that micro-budget indies were destined to be shot entirely on DSLRs, whether that was the optimal format for them or not.

But now, Alexas have been around long enough that prices of used bodies & kits have come down far enough to make them a viable option for filmmakers on a budget. Not to mention, the CPO Program from ARRI adds the confidence in knowing you’re working with a camera package that is certified to go out in the field and perform on professional shoots.

I’ll be sharing some more about my experience with the camera soon (including how I’m now using it with adapted Leica R lenses), but for now you can read more on ARRI’s website.

The full article on with interview quotes can be accessed here.

I have some more exciting news on the film that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks now that we are navigating the world of film festivals, distributors, and buyers. Stay tuned for more updates as things progress!

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In case you missed it, here’s our first trailer from the movie –

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