Check Out My Interview On No Film School About Our Upcoming Feature Film PSYCHOSYNTHESIS

No Film School just interviewed me all about the process of making my micro-budget feature film: PSYCHOSYNTHESIS.

We take a deep dive into the entire journey behind this film, outlining at length exactly how it was developed, fundraised, produced and edited. We also touch on the marketing and distribution of the movie, which I know is a topic many readers have been asking for.

If you’re not yet up to speed on the feature, PSYCHOSYNTHESIS is a micro-budget ($25K) feature film that I wrote and directed last year.

The story follows a sickly young mother (Alice) as she recovers from a heart transplant and begins taking on the characteristics of her donor.

We shot the entire film in just 9 days and I edited it myself in the months following. I wrote a whole article on our choice to shoot in 2K on the Arri Alexa Classic here, and another post on my experience editing the film in FCP X here.

Below is the first trailer –

To read my full interview with No Film School, click this link.

I have some very exciting news about the movie coming soon, including info on our upcoming LA theatrical premiere. For now though, be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop using the links below:




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  • Henry Larry

    Fascinating journey behind PSYCHOSYNTHESIS. Shooting in 9 days on a $25K budget is commendable. Your insights on the Arri Alexa and FCP X are insightful.
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