2012 Feature Film ‘Footsteps’ Amongst The First Films To Be Released On BitTorrent Bundles

Last week I wrote an article about BitTorrent’s new platform called ‘Bundles’ and how it’s changing the face of self distribution for independent films. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to give it a read here. In a nutshell though, Bundles is a new platform that lets artists legally share their work through BitTorrent by requesting an action from the users before being able to download their film (or music, or anything else you want to host on there). At the time I wrote the previous article, I had just submitted my film to BitTorrent for consideration and am happy to announce that I have since been accepted to participate in their Alpha program with my first feature film, Footsteps. While in the near future I will be releasing the film on many other platforms (VOD, Streaming, iTunes, etc.), for now I’ve opted to officially launch it through BitTorrent and am very excited to have one of the first feature films ever released on the platform.

The film itself is a dramatic narrative that was shot on a shoestring budget in the fall of 2011. The story focuses on Martin, a troubled young war veteran (played by Rogan Christopher) that struggles to get his life back on track after returning from serving in the military in the middle east. He quickly learns that coming home is no easy task as he struggles with his overbearing father, past addiction demons and a newfound love interest. It’s a character driven piece that explores the emotional and human side of war, and specifically what soldiers often battle with emotionally, hence the tagline – The hardest part of going to war is coming home.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

As I mentioned in my last article on BitTorrent, one of the great things about Bundles is that you as the content creator can request just about any action that you choose in order to have your film made downloadable by the BitTorrent user. For many users they may ask for money or a donation to another project. For my film though, I am initially releasing the film for free. Why for free? Because given the size, budget and nature of Footsteps, it will be the most effective way to get the film seen by the largest possible audience and right now, building an audience is much more valuable to me than making a small profit it. Ultiamtely there is only one thing you need to do on the Bundles page to unlock the film – enter your e-mail address. It’s as simple as that. And the only reason that I’ve even opted to ask for even that is because I want to develop an open dialogue with those people that watch and enjoy my work. It will allow me to share with you future updates on my films, screenings and my blog.

So if the trailer has whet your appetite, be one of the first to download a feature film from BitTorrent Bundles by clicking here. 

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    I downloaded the bundle, but I cannot watch the film, just the trailer. What (task) do I need to do to access it ?

    • Hi Aaron – Sorry to hear this. I’m going to look into it today…


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