17 Of The Best Filmmakers To Follow On Twitter Right Now

If you’re looking for the best filmmakers to follow on Twitter, I’ve listed some amazing accounts in this article that you won’t want to miss.

Over the years, I’ve been able to learn a lot from other creatives through Twitter, while sharing quite a bit myself too. Twitter can be a crazy place (even in the best of times), but following the right people can make the experience rewarding, educational, and fun.

Over the years I’ve met great collaborators through the platform, learned more about the craft, discovered amazing podcasts and movies… And that just scratches the surface.

Much of this experience is thanks to the amazing network of filmmakers that I follow on the platform, many of whom are listed here today.

Keep in mind though, this is not an exhaustive list. There are only so many filmmakers I could include here, as I only want to share accounts that I personally follow closely, and know add value.

And this list isn’t exclusively focused on the most well known/Hollywood filmmakers. Many established directors have popular Twitter accounts but don’t necessarily add educational value, for me at least. Any broadly known filmmaker on this list has earned their place based on the quality of their content, not just their success in the industry.

With that in mind – here are some of my favorite filmmakers accounts on Twitter.

The Best Filmmakers To Follow On Twitter

In no particular order:

Bryan Hill

You may know Bryan from his brilliant screenwriting work on shows like Titans and Ash Vs. The Evil Dead, along with comic books like Batman and the Outsiders. On Twitter shares his wealth of knowledge on the art and business of screenwriting, which is not to be missed.

Lynn Chen

Lynn is a multi-faceted artist who writes, directs, and acts – often all together in the same film. Her feature film I Will Make You Mine premiered at SXSW, and holds a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. She champions and signal boosts many great films, and is wonderful resource to learn and discover from.

Jim Cummings

I first discovered Jim on Twitter after he released his short film Thunder Road, which made huge waves in the indie film scene, and led to a string of feature films. On Twitter he shares his insight, behind the scenes approach, and overall philosophy on filmmaking, which is always hugely insightful.

Beck and Woods

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are the writers behind A Quiet Place, and have also directed a slew of other incredible projects. On Twitter, they showcase the realities of breaking into the industry – citing their rejections, failed attempts, and lessons learned in a way that is super inspiring to new filmmakers.

Elle Schneider

Elle is not only a fantastic filmmaker and cinematographer, but also served as the co-designer and creative director of Digital Bolex – one of my favorite digital cameras ever made. Follow her for some great takes and commentary on films, and loads of killer movie recommendations.

Vashi Nedomansky

Vashi’s Twitter account is unlike any other I’ve come across. An expert in post-production (having worked on projects like Gone Girl and Deadpool), he offers an incredibly unique perspective. Vashi posts some amazing technical breakdowns, visuals, and statistics that shape our understanding of how films are constructed.

David F. Sandberg

You likely already know David from his incredible studio feature film work, which includes titles like Shazam! and Lights Out. But he is just as talented at inspiring and educating through social media. Follow him for a behind the scenes look at his creative process, and don’t forget to look him up on YouTube too!

Chelsea Devantez

Chelsea has found amazing success as a comedian, filmmaker, writer, and now podcaster. You may know her short film Basic, which premiered at SXSW and her work as head writer on The Problem With Jon Stewart. Follow her for hilarious takes and a behind the scenes look at her work.

Dan Mirvish

Dan is a multi-talented filmmaker who has directed numerous successful indie features (including his latest, 18 1/2), and is also known for co-founding the iconic Slamdance Film Festival. Dan is an expert on bootstrapping indie films that can reach far and wide, and generously shares his experiences on this account.

Gale Anne Herd

Gale is a wildly accomplished executive producer and producer on titles like The Walking Dead, Terminator, Armageddon, Aliens, and countless other film and tv projects. Give her a follow to stay up to date with her new projects, and to catch fascinating anecdotes about past work too.

Sean Baker

Everyone knows Sean Baker for his amazing feature films (like Tangerine, The Florida Project, and Red Rocket). But on Twitter he’s more focused on promoting other amazing indie films than his own. I’ve discovered some brilliant films via his recommendations, and don’t doubt that you will too.

Edward Zwick

Edward is the director behind countless notable films like The Siege, Blood Diamond, and Defiance – just to name a few. On Twitter, he shares a raw, unfiltered look at the film business that completely demystifies the industry. Expect personal stories, creative lessons, directorial advice and so much more.

Kaity Williams

Kaity is a super talented cinematographer who generously shares her insights, perspective, and a behind the scenes look at her projects via social media. She has an impressive following on Instagram, but also offers additional BTS photos and anecdotes on her Twitter profile too.

Liz Manashil

Liz is not only an amazing filmmaker behind feature films like Bread and Butter, and Speed of Life, but is also the former manager of the Sundance Creative Distribution Initiative. And she co-hosts the Making Movies is Hard podcast. Follow her to learn about her projects, filmmaking philosophy, podcast highlights, and more!

Elliot Grove

Elliot runs one of the most popular festivals out there for indie filmmakers (Raindance), which is also a multi-faceted resource offering education and practical tools for building your career. On Twitter, you can expect to find a mix of filmmaking education, curated articles, and opportunities for filmmakers to further their craft.

Luke Barnett

Luke is a massively talented writer, producer, and actor who is known for his feature films Fear Inc. and Faith Based, among many other projects. Follow him for some great insight into the process, funny commentary, and to check out some of his awesome work.

Anna Klassen

Anna is an amazing screenwriter who has written films for Netflix, and also written about films for Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Bustle, and other publications. She has a great account packed with movie recommendations, motivation for filmmakers, and will even run an AMA from time to time.

Steve Yedlin

I am fascinated by the post-production process, and specifically color science – which a topic that Steve Yedlin covers brilliantly. You also know him as a DP on films like Looper, Knives Out, and many others. Expect loads of in-depth tech based insights that help you stay on the cutting edge of cameras, post, and beyond.

Noam Kroll

Bonus! I’d love if you would follow me on Twitter. I write a lot about micro-budget filmmaking, and the intersection of business and creativity. I also share loads of blog posts, tutorials, free assets, and other things I think will be of value to the filmmaking community.

You can follow me here.

The Best Filmmakers To Follow On Twitter (Extended)

I wanted to keep my original list short, but there were just too many other amazing accounts relevant to filmmakers that I had to share too.

Below, I’ve listed some more great follows that you shouldn’t miss. If you want to fill up your timeline with as much filmmaking insight, in depth conversations, and original perspectives as possible – definitely give everyone below a follow too.

Not everyone on this list is a filmmaker themselves (although most are), but they each have a lot to offer to the filmmaking conversation as a whole.

I’m sure I’ve missed some names, and will likely come back to this later and update it. If you have any suggestions for filmmakers I should add, feel free to leave them in the comments. Or better yet, tweet them to me.

In no particular order:

Marty Lang

The Safdie Brothers

Caroline Spence

Josh David Jordan

Josh Tsui

Patty Jenkins

Ted Hope

Shaun Michael Colón

Sujewa Ekanayake

David Chen

Reed Morano

Jason Charnick

Indie Film Hustle

Hannah Black

Megan Petersen

Josh Stifter

Justin Robinson

Paula Bernstein

That’s It

Hope this helps build your Twitter community and add some value to your timeline!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter here.

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