Noam Kroll: Independent Feature Filmmaking Masterclass (PRE-ORDER)


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The Feature Filmmaking Masterclass is a 5+ hour deep dive into the world of micro-budget movie production and direction.

The course is highly practical in nature, and outlines every step from A to Z in the journey of creating, making, and selling your motion picture – no matter the budget you may be working with.

By mixing fundamentals of both the creative and business sides of content production, each viewer will leave the course armed with the knowledge and tools to create and launch their masterpiece into the world.

The following 14 modules serve the basis of the course:

Module (1) Concept Development

Module (2) Story Development on a Budget

Module (3) Fundraising

Module (4) Creative and Logistical Preproduction

Module (5) Attaching Talent and Crew

Module (6) Production Scheduling

Module (7) Set Efficiency

Module (8) Working With your Actors

Module (9) DIT/Post-production workflow

Module (10) Picture Editing

Module (11) Finishing Work

Module (12) Festival Strategy

Module (13) Distribution Options

Module (14) Audience Building

In addition to the video modules, a written summary of each topic will be included in the package.

The full masterclass will be released on October 24th, 2019. A limited number of pre-orders are currently available exclusively for the micro-budget weekly newsletter subscribers.

You will receive an email receipt after purchase, and will be notified immediately upon release of the course.


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