Capturing Cinematic Images With Your DSLR


This extremely in depth video tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know for capturing a cinema quality image on your DSLR. We will cover everything from beginner level essentials such as setting your exposure and camera profiles, all the way through to advanced material such as camera moves, lighting setups, and color grading!

In a true boot-camp style, the guide densely packs in critical information, techniques, and insight that is essential for beginner and intermediate level shooters that are looking to take the next step in their creative journey. This guide is not only fantastic for those shooting with DSLRs, but any other digital format for that matter as the same principles apply no matter what camera you’re shooting with!

Chapter Breakdown:

1. Picking The Right Camera

2. Recording Formats

3. Camera Profiles

4. Exposure

5. Lenses

6. Depth of Field

7. Rolling Shutter

8. Lighting

9. Framing & Composition

10. Camera Movement

11. Stabilization

12. Post-Workflow

13. Color Grading

14. Finishing

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  1. Michael Dekker

    I have submitted a request for our local library to add your book. They may be interested in the others as well. The web site address I left is theirs in case you would like to contact them. Thanks!! Great material!

    • Noam Kroll

      Awesome! Thanks Michael!

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